Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm an ex MLM junkie!

This blog are for those who were involved with MLM in the past who realized that chasing an MLM dream is like chasing rays of sun on a rainy day. Few may have achieved their dreams but apparently at the expense of the majority of people who lost their savings, deteriorate their relationships and most importantly lose their own self in the process.

Welcome to my blog! Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and your stories to help people be enlightened!


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  2. Great site. I have been overwhelmed with the sharks in the tank and unbelievably unimpressed with the speed at which they rape and pillage.
    You are doing an awesome job disseminating your viewpoints. Thank you for the information. I wish there were more sites like yours.

  3. Wow I bet youre doing great in your current job, are you a CEO? or CFO? or just a lowly employee making blogs because no you cant do well in MLM and oohh you cant do well in your present carrier too. So that must be the fault of MLM. Lets blame the failure in your life achievement to the MLM company that present you the opportunity but you cant use it.

    Or maybe you are a CEo, thats great,... you must be proud of your achievement. Wow youre like a Lion in your company compared to your staff.... maybe they are just monkeys... but you certainly are a lion, a lion material.... in a circus.

    Because when your company told you to leap over a circle of fire for a piece of meat, you;d do it. and after you succeed they ask you to leap over 2 circle of fire, and keep increasing the number for the same piece of meat. Until the time you fail to leap and burned and they kick you out from the circus for a younger , fitter lion. Then youre a lion in a jungle, youre free... unfortunately you forgot how to survive in the wilderness because they used to feed you. And you blame the world because you choose to stay in the circus when someone once offered to open your cage to the wild when youre still fit.

    Enjoy your circus...because were outside who is watching, not playing with u inside it.

    1. Here's proof that most MLMers usually don't do their own intelligent research enough to see that it's a road to nowhere. As a kid I used to go out with my siblings and chase after the rainbow after a rain shower; but I finally grew up! I even learned to think for myself, do research on financial matters, and spell correctly. I'm a lion!

  4. I can sense a lot of bitterness from Anonymous @ 01/07/14 8:29pm.

    Wow I bet you're doing great in your MLM "business". Guess your too busy scheming other people. You must be very proud of that! I'd rather be surrounded by circus animals than be surrounded by MLM robots trying to loot your money and savings. Failures are part of life, but this failure that I had in MLM is not worth it. I may be a lowly employee in your eyes but I assure you this employee is doing so well I don't need to sell products or pester a lot of people just to have food on my table.

    And by the way, I am enjoying my life. A lot more specially after all this MLM crap. :)

    1. Thats why you cant succeed in anything. you dont accept your failure, you choose to ignore it and prefer to be an employe because it is more comfortable. MLM looting your money and savings... dude you have no idea what an MLM is do you. MLM is just a method of distribution. Even Nike is an MLM. Every Nike Counter that opens in a mall is their Distributor. But not owned by Nike. The difference is just The outlet owner pay more fees dan regular MLM company for the rights to distribute their products. whould you open a nike outlet?? OR A MCDONALDS? dude every Mc D outlet is not owned by McD. But owned by people who want to became business partner with McD.

      MLM is an opportunity for you to be a business partner with the company not your upline. No wonder you fail. Instead of doing business properly you choose to be an employee. Of course you say MLM is looting your money because you dont understand the meaning of investment.

      Do you think the company you work for instantly have a table, a chair and a computer for you to work. If they do not want to invest and instead told their employee to bring their own chair , table and pc would they be able to earn profit like now? Thats why you were bought wholesale by the company and sold retail. And thats why they are getting richer and youre not going anywhere.

      Direct selling or not , the concept of business is the same. The problem with you and MLM is that you're investing in products not people. hence youre no MLM junkies.. youre just a peddler. A GREAT SALES MAN WITH A DREAM. As far as i recall... i never see a salesman getting rich or success..

    2. Your abject stupidity is only exceeded by your profound idiocy.