Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MLM: An Expensive Hobby

Every one of us has our own interest, past times and hobbies. Some may love outdoor activities while others like to stay indoor and prefer hobbies like reading books, painting, crafts making or pottery. Our hobbies define us as a person and most of our habits are beneficial to our own growth. We have our own passion and for some it was even a selfless passion. Some individuals may want to spend their free time helping other people through their own little way. Like spending time with the elders, feeding the homeless, or teaching the street children. They may also like to participate in church activities and other community services. Our hobbies, past times and our passion give us self-fulfillment and a sense of well being.

How can I relate MLM with the hobbies that I have stated above? We know that MLM is primarily about business. Why would I categorize it as a hobby then? Like any other organizations and companies, MLM has also its own set of activities. It is not only limited to meetings, seminars and rallies. In order to keep the motivation, the leaders formulate different activities which are fun and will keep its members coming back for more. There will be team buildings, bonding and celebrations. It is usually team building slash training, bonding slash training and celebration slash training. See my point? These activities always include training which is again an opportunity for brainwashing! There will be food, fun and laughter while leaders share their secrets on their "success". There will be "oohs" and "aahs" from the members and they see these leaders as idols whom they cheer on. Members repeatedly shout same chants over and over to keep everyone in a hyper mode. Do you see the similarity of this to a cult? Leaders, idols, chants. Creepy isn't it?

During my time we usually rent a hotel room or open banquets to cater our activities. And do you think it is for free?? No! Each member of course has to give their share. You have to pay for your own fare, food and hotel. It is an average of two major activities in a month aside from the bi-weekly meetings and rallies. How much do you have to spend for these activities then? Just do the math!  I have a downline before who was living far from the city and she was paying high taxi fare just to attend these "fun" activities. Business wise, she has not made any. She has not sponsored anyone. What keeps her then? It's the fun moments and camaraderie of the people that keeps her going. Even if it means spending her meek allowance for financing these activities! She was telling that even if she has not made any income yet, she is thankful because she became a different person. She was able to have new friends, enhance her personality and she feels the sense of belonging. Well, she could have just spent time with her friends and save herself from huge fees! You started a business mainly to earn. There might be light moments in between but your main objective is to profit from it. Just like any other normal businesses if it is not giving you any profit it would be wise to discontinue. You save yourself from headache and future losses.

Spare yourself from a destructive and expensive hobby ---- which is MLM! There are lot of other great things to do than to waste your time over this cult. MLM sucks your time, your money and make you abandon your real friends over some "momentary allies". Do you think they genuinely care about your well being? They just want you to be brainwashed enough so you will do everything that pleases them. And don't wait for the time that you become so broke you can't even fake a half smile!

MLM as a hobby? Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather sleep. (-_-) zzzzzz.....


  1. MLM is way too expensive if you do it as hobby or with all the effort and focus to succeed in it! Proof is already available with so many people quitting even after becoming platinums and diamonds.

  2. Spot on! I can't tell you how much it irritates me to see pictures and statuses of these "fun activities" all over my facebook newsfeed. I know these people are all being so misled and think their ceo is god but they are too jaded to realize it. I was good friends with this person before they joined this MLM and now after I said I won't join, suddenly, I'm not important enough to be friends with this person anymore! Instead I see pictures of him and his "new friends" having a ball. It is just so frustrating!!! I've met with these MLM friends too and they are either fake or so brainwashed the only thing they could talk about is the business.

  3. Diamond and platinum is just a title, You dont need to get rich in MLM by become a diamond. Even a ruby could make you rich if you built depths. A diamond with only 1 level of downline,, is nowhere from success. MLM ers with loads of 1st level downline only is not MLM, its a huge salesman club. no wonder they fail. Becoming a salesman wont make you rich.

    1. There is literally no response for this level of stupidity.